Which Type of Peristaltic Pump Is Used For Protein Purification?

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can use in protein purification,  protein purification is widely used in biochemical research applications. It is necessary to use the similarity between various proteins to remove the pollution of non-protein substances, and to use the difference of each protein to purify the target protein from other proteins. It is roughly divided into the rough separation stage and There are two stages in the refinement stage.

A typical eukaryotic cell can contain thousands of different proteins, some are very abundant, and some contain only a few copies. To study a certain protein, the protein must first be purified from other proteins and non-protein molecules. The most important properties used to separate proteins are size, charge, hydrophobicity, and affinity for other molecules. A combination of multiple methods is usually used to achieve complete protein purification.

What are the methods of protein purification?

1. Different separation methods according to molecular size: dialysis and ultrafiltration, density gradient centrifugation (the particles with larger mass and density settle faster when the protein is centrifuged in the medium. 

2. Separation by solubility difference: isoelectric point precipitation method, because the net charge of protein molecules at the isoelectric point is zero, which reduces the intermolecular electrostatic repulsion, it is easy to aggregate and precipitate, and the solubility is the smallest at this time); salt dissolution and salting-out.

3.  Separation methods based on different charges, mainly including electrophoresis and ion-exchange chromatography.

4.  Selective adsorption and separation of the protein.

5.  Separation based on the characteristics of ligands-affinity chromatography.

The Application of Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pumps in Protein Purification

WG600S: flow range 400-13000ml/min, Matching 200~300mm disc filter

BT600S or BT600L, flow range 0.006~2900ml/min, Supporting Millipore/Pall Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System

BT103S, flow range 0.006~380ml/min, Supporting chromatography column/protein purification column, etc.