What Is The Function Of Peristaltic Pump?

Peristaltic pumps are not often used in daily life, mainly used in chemical, mining, metallurgy and papermaking paint and coatings industries, therefore, according to the operation and use of peristaltic pump, it can be divided into: 

1. Flow type peristaltic pump: except having basic function of peristaltic pump, also increased flow display, flow correction, communication and other functions. 

 2. Speed-regulating peristaltic pump: has basic control function, display speed, direction, adjust speed, fill the empty, power lost memory, external control input function. 

 3. Distributed peristaltic pump: expect having basic control functions, it adds flow display, flow correction,  communication, liquid distribution, suction, output control and other functions. 

 4. OEM peristaltic pump: with a series of peristaltic pump heads with different flow ranges, customers can design different peristaltic pump driving circuits for matching use according to their own equipment requirements.