What can Lead Fluid peristaltic pump do for nuleic acid detection?

The current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic is still severe, many places have expanded the scope of nucleic acid tests to cope with tasks of preventing the from rebounding, and many countries of the world is stepping up the development of a new coronavirus vaccine, so for nucleic acid detection, what can Lead Fluid peristaltic pump do?

Nucleic acid is a biological macromolecular compound formed by the polymerization of many nucleotide monomers. It is a general name for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) and it is one of the most basic substances of life.

Viruses are mainly composed of genetic material and proteins. The genetic material of a virus is a genome composed of one or more nucleic acid molecules.The new coronavirus is an RNA virus, and its genetic material is single-stranded RNA.

Nucleic acid testing is the diagnosis of clinical etiology by analyzing DNA or RNA genetic sequences of pathogenic microorganisms under laboratory conditions.

At present, two conventional methods are used for NAT, one is real-time fluorescence RT-PCR test, and the other is viral gene sequencing. The RT-PCR test can get the test results faster and meet the current epidemic prevention and control requirements, so it has become the most important test method.

>> Lead Fluid BT601F intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump 

  1. Three types of working mode: volume dispensing mode, time dispensing mode, copy dispensing mode.
  2. Calibrating flow function, intelligent temperature-control technology reduces working noise.
  3. Super anti-interference feature, wide input voltage range, acceptable for the complex power environment.
  4. Can drive multi-channels and various types of pump heads.
  5. External foot switch control start-stop for dispensing volume.

>> Microliter peristaltic pump WSP3000

  1. High filling accuracy,the error is less than ±0.2%.
  2. Modular design,easy to expand,multiple pumps can be cascaded to form a multi-channel filling system.
  3. High precision servo motor drive, large torque, free-maintenance,Rotary pressure tube structure, high efficiency.
  4. The pump tube is low in loss, the continuous service life up to 1000 hours, 12 hours attenuation rate<1%.
  5. Suction back function, zero dripping, instant shutdown.
  6. High clean pipeline, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and sterilize, support CIP and SIP.
  7. The pipeline is not easy to be blocked, and it can easily cope with materials that are easy to precipitate and have a certain viscosity such as magnetic beads, glycerin, etc.
  8. It can be operated manually or used with an automatic production line.

>> Peristaltic Pump Filling System

  1. Provide simultaneous operation of multiple channels, and expand the number of channels through the cascading installation of multiple systems.
  2. Independent calibration of the filling liquid volume for each channel to meet the customer’s filling accuracy requirements (error ≤±0.5%).
  3. It can accept the start signal of the filling machine and the stop filling signal for lack of bottles to realize online automatic operation; one filling operation can be controlled by the foot switch to realize stand-alone operation.
  4. The liquid is only in contact with the hose and not the pump body, there is no valve blockage, and cross contamination is avoided.
  5. Suitable for abrasive liquids, viscous liquids, emulsions or liquids containing foam, liquids containing a large amount of gas, liquids containing suspended particles.

In the filling of test reagents, there are usually the following requirements:

♦ Meet the requirements of filling volume and sterility; high filling precision and high efficiency.

♦ The filling system has good stability, no dripping or hanging liquid phenomenon.

♦ Can be filled with abrasive liquids or corrosive liquids containing suspended particles.

♦ When filling a liquid with biological activity, the biological activity cannot be destroyed.

♦ The pump is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

The flow rate range of the above recommended Lead Fluid peristaltic pump products is wide and adjustable, with high liquid filling accuracy and stability, with low shear, it can be used to transport and fill biologically active liquids without inactivation. The liquid in the filling only contacts with the hose, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination, by choosing a corrosion-resistant hose, it can be used for filling various corrosive liquids, and by choosing a wear-resistant hose, it can be used for filling liquids containing solid particles. With different properties of liquids, different filling volume requirements and various functional requirements, single peristaltic pump products or peristaltic pump filling systems can be OEM customized to provide a comprehensive solution; the peristaltic pump does not require valves and seals when filling liquids, and no pump damage caused by dry running, simple operation, easy maintenance, and cost saving.

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