The Application of Peristaltic Pump in Waste Water Treatment

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of industrialization and urbanization, the social economy has developed rapidly, but the subsequent pollution problem has become an important issue that needs to be solved urgently. Wastewater treatment has gradually become indispensable for economic development and water resources protection. component. Therefore, vigorously developing wastewater treatment technology and industrialization level is an important way to prevent water pollution and alleviate water shortages.

Wastewater treatment overview:

Wastewater treatment is the process of purifying wastewater to meet the water quality requirements for discharge into a water body or reuse. Modern wastewater treatment technology is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary treatment according to the degree of treatment.

The primary treatment mainly removes the suspended solid matter in the wastewater. Physical methods are commonly used. After the first-level treatment, BOD can generally be removed by about 30%, which does not meet the discharge standard. The first-level treatment belongs to the pretreatment of the second-level treatment.

The secondary treatment mainly removes the colloidal and dissolved organic matter (BOD, COD) in the wastewater. Generally, the wastewater that reaches the secondary treatment can meet the discharge standard, and the activated sludge method and the biofilm treatment method are commonly used.

Tertiary treatment to further remove certain special pollutants, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants, and pathogens that are difficult to biodegrade. The main methods include biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal method, coagulation precipitation method, sand filtration method, activated carbon adsorption method, ion exchange method and electroosmosis analysis method, etc.

Wastewater treatment needs:

In the wastewater treatment process of the factory, in order to ensure the quality of drinking water, accurate quantitative feeding is required for primary disinfection, secondary disinfection and pH control, and pumps are required in these processes. Chemical substances such as ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, carbon, lime, etc. often cause gear wear and pump blockage, resulting in a decrease in pump performance and life, especially lime and polymer electrolytes that will seriously affect pump operation. , The usual solution is to replace the new pump. At the same time, the performance of the shear-sensitive flocculant will be greatly reduced when it passes through the high flow rate and tortuous pump channel.

Therefore, safe, accurate and efficient chemical dosage and delivery is the goal of every wastewater treatment operation. The industry urgently needs a pump that can be used to handle the most demanding applications to optimize the production process, reduce maintenance work and reduce costs. Improve processing efficiency

Advantages of peristaltic pump:

1. The peristaltic pump has a strong self-priming ability and can be used to raise the water level of the wastewater to be treated.

2. The peristaltic pump has a low shear force and will not destroy the effectiveness of the flocculant when transporting shear-sensitive flocculants.

3. When the peristaltic pump transfers fluid, the fluid only flows in the hose, and the pumped liquid only touches the pump tube and does not touch the pump body, so there will be no jamming, which means that a pump can last for a long time.And the same pump can be used for different fluid transmission by simply replacing the pump tube.

4. The peristaltic pump has high-precision characteristics, which can ensure the accuracy of the liquid volume of the added reagent, so that the water quality is effectively treated without adding too many harmful chemical components. In addition, peristaltic pumps are also used to transfer the tested samples and analytical reagents on various water quality testing and analysis instruments.

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