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March 15th is a special day in China, because on this day, the state will expose the false propaganda in various industries, so that enterprises that cheat consumers will be punished accordingly.In this era of information explosion, marketing chaos has emerged and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish which is true and which data is reliable! There are all kinds of frauds, which makes people helpless. This phenomenon also exists in the peristaltic pump industry.

The Phenomenon of False Propaganda in the Peristaltic Pump Industry

With its unique working principle and characteristics, the peristaltic pump plays an important role in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, medical experiments, food and beverages, chemical engineering and so on, especially in the occasions with high requirements for fluid purity, as well as micro-flow control and high-precision liquid delivery, becoming the standard configuration for many industries.

Some pump manufacturers for the sake of short-term interests have been falsely advertising the performance and technical parameters of their products, including exaggerating advantages, fabricating data, and even leading to “wrong goods” when users use them. When it comes to after-sales service, they are even more obstructive.

How to Avoid False Advertising in the Peristaltic Pump Industry?

Lead Fluid company invited the director of Hebei Province Fluid Precision Transmission Technology Innovation Center to give advice from a professional point of view to everyone on how to avoid pitfalls when purchasing a peristaltic pump.

01 Flow, pressure and accuracy

These parameters are the main performance indicators of the peristaltic pump, and the appropriate specifications need to be selected according to the specific application scenario. Note! Don’t just look or listen to the technical parameters, you can ask the manufacturer to provide the corresponding test report to support these data, and carefully analyze and interpret the test report to understand the performance indicators reflected by the data, in order to better make the purchase decision.

02 Material and sealing performance

The material of the pump head and the sealing structure of the peristaltic pump have different requirements for different media, and the appropriate pump head should be selected according to the properties of the medium. In addition, the sealing performance of the pump head is also an important factor affecting the performance and life of the pump.

03 Product Certification

When purchasing a peristaltic pump, it is necessary to check the certification certificates of the product, such as CE certification, ROHS certification, etc., which can prove that the product meets the relevant safety and health standards.

04 Manufacturer Qualifications and Reputation:

When selecting a manufacturer, one needs to consider its qualification and credibility, including the assessment of enterprise scale, production equipment, technical level, honor certificates, etc. It can be done by consulting relevant materials and on-site inspection in order to reduce the risk of purchasing defective products.

05 Supply cycle and after-sales service

Peristaltic pumps are usually used in critical fields, requiring assurance of supply cycle and after-sales service quality. After-sales service includes warranty period, repair services, spare parts supply, etc., in order to solve problems in time.

06 Price

It is necessary to make clear the market price and cost performance of the product, do not blindly pursue low price, because some manufacturers may attract customers with low price, but the quality of the product may not be guaranteed.

In short, when buying a peristaltic pump, rational selection, multi-party comparison and prudent judgment should be made to avoid being cheated and ensure that the product purchased meets their own needs, is of reliable quality and has perfect after-sales service.

Development of the Industry

The history of peristaltic pumps can be traced back to the late 19th century and was not widely recognized until the 1970s, making it a relatively young technology field. The domestic peristaltic pump industry started late, with unstable technology levels, intense market competition, and unstandardized industry standards… A visionary and responsible enterprise is urgently needed to take on the responsibility of leading industry development and accelerating technological progress! Such an enterprise should take customer needs as the center, strictly control quality, continuously innovate technology and brand strategy, follow market rules, actively fulfill social responsibility, and promote the healthy development of the entire industry.