Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Working Principle

How does a peristaltic pump work?

Peristaltic pump, also known as peristaltic metering pump, is a new type of pump. The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: peristaltic pump driver, pump head and peristaltic pump tubing.

Peristaltic pump tubing is the only requirement of liquid connection for peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump works by pressing tube with roller or press. This means that the pump can run dry, self-priming and handle high-viscosity and high-wear medium. In addition, the peristaltic pump tubing as an independent unit, so that the pump body does not need to be sealed, so it is completely leak-free, very sanitary. And each rotation output a fixed flow rate, which makes the application of quantitative feeding of peristaltic pump has outstanding performance. This principle can be applied to all peristaltic pumps, so the pump head and driver part are the most important factors to distinguish the quality of peristaltic pumps.

Just as muscles contract and relax repeatedly to allow blood to flow through blood vessels, peristaltic pumps work by the pumping efficiency of alternating squeezing releasing several rollers along an elastic tube. When the extruded fluid in the tube produces flow output and the pressure disappears, the tube restores to its original state by its own elasticity, the volume increases, and the vacuum is generated, and the fluid is inhaled. Such continuous action is the working principle of peristaltic pump.

Lead Fluid Types Of Peristaltic Pump

Lead Fluid has 4 product series, about 130 model products, all of them are self-developed, mainly involving precision pumps, covering laboratories and industrial markets.

1. Basic Low Flow Rate Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump-popular product BT103S high quality variable speed peristaltic pump

Lead Fluid BT103S pump adopts high quality closed-loop stepper motor drive, speed range 0.1~100rpm, speed accuracy<±0.2%,one channel flow range0.0001~480ml/min. Through Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be controlled remotely and running status can be monitored in real time.RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol is available,the pump through a variety of signal modeis easier to be connected with other equipments, such as computer, human machine interface and PLC.

2. Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump-star product BT300L high volume peristaltic pump

BT300L intelligent flow peristaltic pump can realize high precision continuous transmission control and simple quantitative function. Compared with the previous generation of products, uses a larger screen, faster microprocessor, simple operation, powerful functions, new delay to start or stop the flow control process, to meet the complex transmission requirements.

3. Dispensing Peristaltic Pump-hot sale product BT600F dispensing peristaltic pump

BT600F peristaltic pump adopts the advanced imported microprocessor, and cooperates with the large torque stepper motor, higher transmission accuracy, high-definition LCD touch screen display and operation, simple and convenient. Editable function, preset 30 groups of operation parameters, complete a complex control process. Multiple modes of work are optional, powerful, ideal for liquid timing quantitative transferring and dispensing.

4. OEM Peristaltic Pump- One-stop Fluid Solution