How To Use Peristaltic Pump DS600 Filling System?

Lead Fluid DS600 Series Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Multi-channel, high-precision filling system, Lead Fluid DS600 series peristaltic pump dispensing system, designed for multi-head high-precision liquid filling, each filling head can be controlled individually, and the accuracy error between the filling heads is <±1%.

Visit video, you may know how to use peristaltic pump DS600S filling system.

1.  Easy to use

Large-size man-machine interface operation, color LCD screen, touch operation, intuitive information, convenient operation. Suitable for all kinds of liquid filling. Language can be switched between Chinese and English, suitable for more language environment applications.

2.  Intelligent Calibration

Unique intelligent calibration system, which greatly reduces the user’s workload and improves efficiency. Click the “Test” button to test and run each channel individually. After the test is completed, enter the measured actual data into the “Measured” box, and the system will automatically compare the data for calibration.

3. Infinite Cascade

The DS600-X peristaltic pump filling system can be infinitely cascaded to form different numbers of channels according to the needs of different channel, and each channel has the function of stopping the filling of the bottle.

More function

High quality servo motor or stepper motor.

Stable and efficient operating system and pipeline greatly ensure the filling accuracy.

Fine adjustment on line.

Convenient to users adjusting flow rate as tubing’s aging.

Online and offline function.

Each channel will stop working when lack of the bottle.

Stainless steel shell, good chemical resistance and easy clean.

The circuit board with conformal coating makes it dust-proof and moisture-proof.

Technical Parameters

Filling range: 0.1~5000mL

Filling time: 0.1~99.99s, resolution 0.1s

Speed range: 0.1~600rpm, resolution 0.1rpm

Number of channel: 2~100

Signal input: start signal, bottle-lack signal

Signal output: 5V Level start and stop status

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz (standard)

                        AC110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz (standard) 

Power Consumption: ≤100W/channel  

Environment Condition:Temperature 0-40℃, Relative humidity<80%

IP Grade: IP31

Dimensions:According to the needs customization

Weight:According to the needs customization

Applicable Pump Head and Tube Parameters

Pump HeadTubeFilling volume(mL)Filling Time

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal
temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium etc.
Above for reference only.