Can silicone tube be used as drinking water tube?

The silicone tube of peristaltic pump are made of silicone, can they be used as water diversion tubes? This kind of question is usually raised by users in the food industry. Now, Lead Fluid company will answer this question.

This is a relatively broad question, and we need to know what its prerequisites are. For example, there are many types of silicone tubes, including laboratory instruments, food grade, medical, industrial, foamed silicone tubes, cold shrinkable silicone hoses, etc. So we need to know what kind of tube it is.

If it is a food grade silicone tube, it can be used for drinking water tubes, such as food grade high temperature resistant tube (Norprene A-60-F peristaltic pump tube).

If it is an industrial tube, it will not work, because the VOC of industrial grade tube will exceed the standard, and drinking water pollution will occur.


1. Food grade peristaltic pump silicone tube needs to be certified. Generally, FDA certification is required. If there is no certification, the tube does not belong to the corresponding level. For detailed certification, you can refer to the Certification Required for Food Grade Silicone Tubes to find out the relevant information.

2. Before selecting the tube, please consult with the sales staff of Lead Fluid to determine the appropriate tube specification to avoid mistakes.