Why Do Filling Machines Choose Peristaltic Pumps?

The structure of filling peristaltic pump

The components of the peristaltic pump filling machine are: main drive system, bottle feeding system, pump head, and electrical control system.

Peristaltic pump filling machine principle

The equal-part bottle-spinning drum is used to make the bottle automatically lift and position during operation, insert the needle, and the needle rotates at a constant speed for filling, so that the two needles of each pump are alternately filled, the filling time is long during operation, and there is no intermittent movement. , running smoothly, can increase production.

Peristaltic pump filling machine application

Can fill most types of liquids, including high-viscosity liquids. Such as: various chemicals, oils, cosmetics, food and other non-granular liquids.

Peristaltic pump filling machine advantages and features

The pump source adopts a peristaltic pump, which makes full use of the characteristics of the peristaltic pump. The structure is simple, and the pump body has no contact with the fluid, so there is no need to clean and disinfect the pump body.

The pump is driven by a stepper motor or a servo motor. PLC control makes it easy to adjust the loading capacity. Just input the corresponding number. It can be adjusted at any time under the working state, and the accuracy can reach ±2%. The whole machine only uses pump for filling, which greatly simplifies the mechanical structure, reduces the volume of the whole machine, is easy to adjust the filling volume, and is easy to disassemble, clean and disinfect. Less consumables, just replace the silicone tube on time, economical and practical. Peristaltic pump filling machine, fast speed (speed can be adjusted at any time), low energy consumption, convenient and simple maintenance, suitable for production and use by large, medium and small enterprises. The peristaltic pump filling machine has simple structure, convenient maintenance and adjustment, stable operation, low noise, high degree of automation. After it is on, it will automatically increase the speed to the set range.

DS600S peristaltic pump filling system

This series product is design for the multi heads & high accuracy filling . HMI interface centralized operation, individually control each channel, Filling accuracy is <±1% . Not only for match the automatic production line, but also operation by hand.

• HMI interface centralized control, easy to operate.
• High quality servo motor or stepper motor, stable and efficient operating system and pipeline greatly ensure the filling accuracy.
• Intelligent calibration system, greatly reducing the workload and improving the working efficiency.
• Fine adjustment on line, convenient to users adjusting flow rate as tubing’s aging.
• Online and offline function.
• Can cascade for more channels.
• Each channel will stop working when lack of the bottle.
• Stainless steel shell, good chemical resistance and easy clean.
• The circuit board with conformal coating makes it dust-proof and moisture-proof.

Suitable for pump head

Cascade for more channels


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