Classification and function of syringe pump

Syringe pump is an intelligent injection device, which can accurately, evenly and continuously transport liquid, strictly control the amount of liquid, ensure the best effective concentration of fluid, reasonably adjust the fluid injection speed, and continuously inject various fluids.

Various classifications of syringe pumps

According to the use can be divided into medical and non-medical, as well as laboratory syringe pumps and industrial syringe pumps, according to the number of channels can be divided into single channel and multi-channel (double channel, four channel, six channel, eight channel, ten channel, etc.), according to the working mode can be divided into single push and push and pull and two-way push and pull mode, according to the structure can be divided into split type and combined type, and so on.

laboratory syringe pumps

How laboratory syringe pumps work

The nut is connected to the piston of the syringe, the syringe contains the liquid medicine, and the single-chip microcomputer system controls the stepper motor to rotate, and the stepper motor drives the screw to move, thus squeezing the syringe piston for injection. This mode has the characteristics of high precision and no pulsation.

In addition, the CPU provides the motor drive voltage by means of D/A conversion. The motor rotation detection circuit is a set of photoelectric coupled circuits, which generates a pulse signal through the rotation of the motor. The pulse signal is fed back to the CPU, and the CPU controls the motor voltage according to this feedback in order to obtain the set speed, which is convenient for the operator to control for different scenarios.

The role of laboratory syringe pumps

The purpose of laboratory syringe pumps is to precisely control drugs, reduce the workload of medical staff, increase work efficiency and improve patient comfort,etc.

  • It can increase the capacity, control and flow rate of administration, and accurately expand the range of flow rate of administration;
  • The use of a variety of syringe pump dosing mode, to achieve more accurate medication;
  • Take advantage of the programmed function of the syringe pump to initiate more advanced treatment programs;
  • Use the syringe pump quick operation function to quickly adjust the flow rate and win the rescue time;
  • The built-in heating function is used to improve the comfort of infusion and reduce the probability of drug leakage.
  • Using various alarm functions of syringe pump, the purpose of reducing the labor intensity of medical staff, improving clinical safety and reducing nursing staff is achieved.

Principles of industrial syringe pumps

The industrial syringe pump is composed of a stepper motor and its driver, screw and bracket, etc., with a reciprocating screw and nut, so it is also called a screw pump. The nut is connected to the piston of the syringe, and the syringe holds the liquid, which realizes the precise, smooth and pulsation-free liquid transmission.

When working, the stepper motor rotates, drives the screw movement, and pushes the piston of the syringe for injection and infusion. The injection speed can be set by the operator via keyboard operation.

The role of industrial injection pumps

  • Industrial injection pump can accurately uniform and sustainable output of fluid, can strictly control the output flow of fluid in the transmission process to ensure the normal output of fluid, can also control the transmission speed of fluid, can reduce the workload in syringe operations, improve work efficiency, accurate and safe and effective guarantee the results of the operation.
  • Secondly, the industrial injection pump is the precise control of the precision stepping motor through the microprocessor, the mechanical transmission device generates the translational thrust for operation, and the industrial injection pump is equipped with various sensors, which can accurately control the transmission speed and process of the fluid, and the application field is also very wide

Simply put, the main purpose of industrial syringe pump is to micro transfer fluid, its own contact liquid material is resistant to strong acid and alkali and high temperature, can be applied to the vast majority of fluids and drugs, in the process of operation can be precisely controlled according to the needs of the output flow size, output speed, to ensure that meet the functional needs of experimental operations, is the only choice for our customers.

Syringe pump unique advantages

Each pump has its unique advantages, what are the characteristics of the syringe pump, and look at the following:

  • Compact and easy to operate: HD LCD touch screen operation, users can easily enter flow parameters. Small size, less footprint.
  • Non-pulsating transmission: uniform movement throughout the whole process, smooth work without pulsation, wide range of running speed.
  • Suitable for small capacity fluid transport: small capacity liquid transport precision is higher, liquid distribution is more flexible.